Who Falls In Love With Viola?

How does 12th night end?

The play ends in a declaration of marriage between Duke Orsino and Viola, and it is learned that Sir Toby has married Maria.

Malvolio swears revenge on his tormentors and stalks off, but Orsino sends Fabian to placate him..

Who saved Viola from the shipwreck?

After he does so, the Countess is horrified and has Malvolio shut up in the dark as a madman. Meanwhile, Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian, has also survived the shipwreck. He comes to Illyria with his sea-captain friend, Antonio, who is a wanted man for former piracy against Orsino.

Is Orsino really in love with Olivia?

A bachelor, Orsino is in love with the beautiful Lady Olivia, and he constantly compares his love for her with music. He finds himself becoming more and more fond of his new page boy, Cesario (Viola in disguise), the daughter of a nobleman who knew Duke Orsino. … Orsino, as seen in the play, is a very passionate man.

Why is Viola mistakenly confused with her brother Sebastian?

Viola is mistakenly confused with her brother Sebastian in Twelfth Night because she dresses as a male while in the service of Duke Orsino of Illyria. Much mayhem ensues before Viola and Sebastian finally stand side by side and their identities are revealed.

Are Viola and Sebastian twins?

Sebastian is the twin brother of Viola. After the beginning of the play, Viola mentions that her brother Sebastian is drowned in the sea.

Why is Feste the clown in trouble?

Why is Feste (the Clown) in trouble and how does he get out of it? Festee is in trouble because he has not been keeping up his work duties, but he gets out of it by flattering Olivia.

How does Orsino compare his love to sea?

But my love’s different. It’s as all-consuming and insatiable as the sea, and it can swallow as much as the sea can. Don’t compare a woman’s love for a man with my love for Olivia.

Why did Olivia marry Sebastian?

Olivia attempts to woo the young Cesario/Viola and repeatedly asks/lures him to come back to her estate by using various tricks and problems. Olivia eventually comes to the conclusion that she must marry him. However, in a case of mistaken identity, she marries Viola’s twin brother, Sebastian.

What is the main message of Twelfth Night?

Love as a Cause of Suffering Twelfth Night is a romantic comedy, and romantic love is the play’s main focus. Despite the fact that the play offers a happy ending, in which the various lovers find one another and achieve wedded bliss, Shakespeare shows that love can cause pain.

Why does Viola pretend to be a man?

In Twelfth Night, Viola dresses as the male Cesario in order to gain entry into Orsino’s court. In Elizabethan England, women were not allowed to act professionally, and female parts were all performed by men, so Viola would have actually been played by a male actor, dressing as a woman dressing as a man.

Why is Antonio’s life at risk in Illyria?

He wants to go out and explore the city, but Antonio declines to join him because he is afraid of being caught in Illyria because he has had a conflict with Orsino in the past. Sebastian decides to go out by himself, agreeing to meet Antonio back at an inn called Elephant.

Why did Olivia not respond to Orsino’s love?

Valentine tells Orsino in Act 1, Scene 1 that Olivia is uninterested in Orsino’s romantic feelings for her, and that she doesn’t even bother to read the letters he sends expressing his devotion to her. The reason she is uninterested is because she is grieving the recent loss of her beloved brother.

Is Antonio in love with Sebastian?

Antonio’s love for Sebastian becomes so strong, it appears romantic in nature. One possible reason for Antonio’s attachment is that he rescued Sebastian and nursed him back to health. As Antonio explains, “His life I gave him and did thereto add / My love, without retention or restraint” (5.1.).

Does Malvolio love Olivia?

The letter convinces Malvolio that Olivia loves him, and leads Malvolio to think that Olivia wishes him to smile, wear yellow stockings and cross garters.

Does Orsino fall in love with Cesario?

Orsino admits that he himself is very fond of Cesario, but it is more important that he have his revenge against Olivia. He accuses Olivia of being cruel and spiteful despite her beautiful appearance, comparing her to a raven hidden inside the appearance of a dove.

Why does Viola fall in love with Orsino?

Another answer to this question is that Viola falls for Orsino because he’s passionate and poetic. … Even though Olivia doesn’t wind up with “Cesario,” she does transfer her desire from “Cesario” to Sebastian. Without Viola, then, Olivia and Orsino would remain locked into their self-absorbed states.

Why does Olivia fall in love with Viola?

One reason why Olivia falls in love with Viola disguised as Cesario is because Viola is extremely direct and forthright with her, which can be very attractive. Unlike Orsino, Viola is able to view Olivia through critical judgement, which is far more honest than mere…

What scene does Viola fall in love with Orsino?

Summary: Act III, scene i Viola, still in disguise as Cesario, has returned to Lady Olivia’s house to bring her another message of love from Orsino (the errand that Orsino sends Cesario on at the end of Act II, scene iv). Outside Olivia’s house, Cesario meets Feste, the clown. Feste jokes and makes puns with him.