Which Caste Comes Under SC In Himachal Pradesh?

Which caste comes under SC?

Sr.No.Ad Dharmi.

Hessi.Baghi Nagalu.

Jogi.Balimiki, Bhangi,Chuhra,Chuhre.

Julaha,Julahe,Kabirpanthi, Keer.Bandhela.

Kamoh, Dagoli.Bangali.




Lohar.More items….

How many SC castes are there?

1,108 castesThe Indian constitution, in Constitution (Scheduled Castes) Order, 1950 lists 1,108 castes across 25 states in its First Schedule, while the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order, 1950 lists 744 tribes across 22 states in its First Schedule.

Which caste is Nayak in Karnataka?

Namadhari Naik or Namadhari Naik/Nayak (Kannada:ನಾಮಧಾರಿ ನಾಯ್ಕ “Nāmadhāri Nāik”), also known as Halepaika and Kumara Kshatriya Namadhari, is a Hindu community predominantly found in Uttara Kannada, Udupi district and Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka State in India and are numerically a majority community in the …

What are the surnames that come under SC?

According to information available, there are 1108 castes under the Scheduled Castes (SC).Ajola, Ahlawat, Azad.Beradiya, Bag, Bhyan, Bhoi, Bharti, Bhatoa, Bhatti, Bangar,Basra, Bhutta, Badhan, Bhardwaj, Bassan,Chavda, Chauhan, Choudhary, Chhatria, Chumber, Choor.Das, Dalabehera, Dehury, Das, Duggal, Dhirana, Dugh.More items…•

Which caste is first in India?

Scheduled CastesThe first category is called Scheduled Castes. This category includes in it communities who were untouchables. In modern India, untouchability exists at a very low extent. The untouchables call themselves Dalit, meaning depressed.

Can I change my caste from SC to general?

It can be changed in special circumstances, if your parents belong to different castes, you have a choice of one of their castes. … If a woman of general caste marries a man who is from scheduled caste, no matter what the ritual says, she can not change her caste legally and avail the benefits available to SC.

What is the difference between SC and ST?

Explanation: SC is for scheduled tribes and is used for the untouchables in India. According to o Indian mythology, this is part of the Verna system and such people are called Ati Shudras. … ST is for Scheduled tribes and is used for the community that used to live in the forests.

Are SC ST Hindu?

Under the constitutional order, 1950 as amended in 1990, SCs can be only from Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists while STs can be from any of the religions. … The SC/ST status of each member of household was ascertained by asking whether she or he belonged to SC or ST.

Is SC certificate valid all over India?

NEW DELHI: Supreme Court on Thursday said that SC/ST status entitling a person to quotas in jobs and admissions in one state will not automatically continue in another when the person migrates, except when he goes to Delhi, as it is the national capital and a microcosm of India.

Which caste is Majhi?

The persons belonging to the Dandachhatra Majhi, Mal and Malla Kshatriya castes are residing in the districts of Bahargoda and Chakulia in the State of Jharkhand, in the districts of Purulia and Midnapur in the State of West Bengal and some of the districts in the State of Odisha.

Is DAS a SC title?

In Bengal and Bihar regions, ‘Das’ is primarily used by the Maulika Kayastha and Mahishya castes of Bengal. Also ‘Dass’ is used by Baidya caste of Bengal as a surname, often as a prefix. In Assam the Kaibarta and other schedule caste communities also uses Das as their surname.

How can I prove my caste?

Compulsory Documents Required for Caste Certificate:Identity Proof. Aadhaar Card. Driving License. Voter ID. … Address Proof. Aadhaar Card. Voter ID. Driving License. … Affidavit for Caste Certificate. Proof of Caste of Self or Blood Relative. Extract of Primary School Register of applicant or father or grandfather.

Are SC ST Dalits?

Scheduled Castes is the official term for Dalits in the opinion of India’s National Commissions for Scheduled Castes (NCSC), who took legal advice that indicated modern legislation does not refer to Dalit and that therefore, it says, it is “unconstitutional” for official documents to do so.

Is Bhardwaj scheduled caste?

I am a Bhardwaj from North India and I belong to Brahmin Caste. Bharadwaja (भरद्वाज / भारद्वाज) was one of the greatest Hindu Arya sages (Maharshis) descendant of rishi Angirasa, whose accomplishments are detailed in the Puranas. … Bharadwaj as Gotra means people who are the descendants of Rishi Bharadwaj.

Which caste comes under SC St in Karnataka?

Population – Size and Distribution Of the 101 SCs, Adi Karnataka, Madiga, Banjara, Bhovi, Holaya, Adi Dravida and Bhambi together constitute 85.0 per cent of the SC population of the state.

Which caste comes under SC in Odisha?

The growth and distribution of Scheduled Caste population have got special significance.Adi Andhara. Amant. Audhelia. Badaik. Bagheti. Bajikar. Bari. Bariki. … Dhanwar. Dhoba. Dom. Dosadha. Ganda. Ghantarghada. Ghasi. Ghogia. … Kummari. Kurunga. Laban. Laheri. Madari. Madiga. Mahuria. Mala. … Panchama. Panika. Panka. Pantanti. Pap. Pasi. Patial. Rajna.

Is Mehra lower caste?

Mehra(punjabi brahmin) and Kashyap Rajput are General caste. … Punjabi khatri Mehra are general and upper caste of india.

Does SC caste certificate need to be renewed?

No, You don’t need to renew your caste certificate. After being issued once it is valid for lifetime of the person. It is similar to any other certificate and it doesn’t need to be renewed from time to time.