What’S Another Word For Important Person?

How do you say something is very important?



used for emphasizing what is the most important aspect of something or fact about something.importantly.


used for emphasizing that something is important.basically.






the fact (of the matter) is.


first and foremost.


at the end of the day.

phrase.More items….

How do you describe powerful?

Powerful, mighty, having authority. Greatest in importance, degree, significance, character, or achievement. (Obsolete) Powerful in battle. The definition of invincible is someone or something that cannot be harmed or that is too powerful to be destroyed.

What’s another word for important people?

other words for important personVIP.big cheese.big enchilada.big shot.big wheel.bigwig.boss.tycoon.

What is an important person called?

Synonyms: VIP, dignitary, high muckamuck, high-up, panjandrum Type of: important person, influential person, personage. a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

What’s another way to say person?

What is another word for person?individualbeingcreaturehumanmansoulmortalbodycharacterpersonage89 more rows

How do you describe a person?

2. Describing Someone’s Character and Personalitypolite (Please be polite to our guests.)friendly (Everyone was very friendly towards me.)honest (He was a hard-working honest man.)generous (She’s always very generous to the kids.)rude (She was very rude about my driving.)lazy (He is the laziest boy in the class.)More items…

What do you call a person with power?

Noun. 1. people in power – the class of people exerting power or authority. ruling class. upper class, upper crust – the class occupying the highest position in the social hierarchy.

How do you say someone means alot to you?

It’s not for nothing that people say, “Actions speak louder than words.” This is how to tell someone how much they mean to you:“Text me when you get home.” … “I understand how you feel.” … “You always make me smile.” … “It feels like I’ve known you forever.” … Checking if you are all tucked in before you both fall asleep.More items…•

How do you say someone is very important?

very important personVIP.big cheese.big enchilada.big shot.big wheel.bigwig.boss.tycoon.

How do you describe an influential person?

The definition of influential is someone or something that has an impact on or shapes how people act or how things occur. A person who convinces others to listen and do what he suggests is an example of an influential person. One that is of considerable importance or influence.

What is the antonym of person?

person. Antonyms: generic, common. Synonyms: individual, special, peculiar, idiosyncratic.

What is another word for good?

What is another word for good?excellentexceptionalnicepleasantpositivesatisfactorysatisfyingsuperbwonderfulacceptable208 more rows