What Does Tough Go Mean?

Is selling hard or hard sales?

Hard sell can be used as an adjective and a verb, as well as a noun.

The OED hyphenates the word as hard-sell and offers these examples: 1959 Times Lit..

When situations are tough quotes?

Uplifting Quotes“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.” – … “Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. … “Never let your head hang down. … “It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” –More items…

What does all’s well that ends well mean?

—used to say that a person can forget about how unpleasant or difficult something was because everything ended in a good wayWe almost didn’t make it here, but all’s well that ends well.

What’s another word for badass?

Badass Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for badass?hard-assbad-assstickler for disciplinetaskmastertaskmistress5 more rows

How would you describe a difficult person?

1. adjective. A tough person is strong and determined, and can tolerate difficulty or suffering. She built up a reputation as being a tough, but fair businesswoman. Synonyms: strong, determined, aggressive, high-powered More Synonyms of tough.

What are hard sell tactics?

A hard sell is a sales strategy that is direct and pushy. It is designed to get a consumer to purchase a good or service immediately without time to contemplate. Hard sell tactics have a negative connotation and are considered unscrupulous. A hard sell stands in contrast to a soft sell that is gentle and low-pressure.

What are the hardest words to say?

The Most Difficult English Word To PronounceRural.Otorhinolaryngologist.Colonel.Penguin.Sixth.Isthmus.Anemone.Squirrel.More items…•

What does it mean when someone says that’s tough?

slang An interjection indicating that one has no sympathy for the situation another person is in or how that person feels about it.

What do you call a tough guy?

other words for tough guy delinquent. goon. bully. gangster. hooligan.

What’s the meaning of better late than never?

It is better to do something after it was supposed to have been done than not to do it at all.

What is a hard sell vs soft sell?

Hard Sell. A soft sell is an indirect approach to persuading a customer to buy a product or service. A hard sell is a direct approach to asking for the sale. With a soft sell technique, sales reps focus more on relationship building with their prospects to build trust than pushing for the sale.

What is the definition of tough love?

: love or affectionate concern expressed in a stern or unsentimental manner (as through discipline) especially to promote responsible behavior.

What is the difference between tough and hard?

When used as adjectives, hard means having a severe property, whereas tough means strong and resilient. Hard is also adverb with the meaning: with much force or effort. Tough is also verb with the meaning: to endure.

What does the slang word tough mean?

a good looking girl or something that was really OK, that was the opposite of what it really meant as were so many terms in that era. Hey, there goes a tough looking chick.

What does a tough sell mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English a hard/tough sell (also not an easy sell) something that it is difficult to persuade people to buy or accept This tax increase is going to be a hard sell to voters. → sell.

What does the phrase when the going gets tough mean?

Definition of when the going gets tough, the tough get going —used to say that when there are problems, strong people work hard to solve them.

What does a tough guy mean?

a strong man who is not easily injured and is able to deal with difficult or violent situations. He earned himself a reputation as a tough guy. He thinks he’s a tough guy.