Quick Answer: What’S Another Name For Photographer?

What do you call a female photographer?

Though I think a more modern version would be cameraperson or camera operator.

Regardless, there are many female photographers out there.

They usually get called and call themselves photographers.


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What do you call a person who doesn’t like taking pictures?

The most common phrase I have heard is “camera shy”. Now a person who is camera shy might be merely shy. Or in witness protection.

Who is the first woman photographer?

Homai Vyarawalla (9 December 1913 – 15 January 2012), commonly known by her pseudonym Dalda 13, was India’s first woman photojournalist. She began work in the late 1930s and retired in the early 1970s….Homai VyarawallaOccupationPhotojournalistSpouse(s)Manekcshaw Vyarawala (d. 1969)ChildrenFarouq5 more rows

What do you call someone that makes videos?

The term includes methods of video production and post-production. … A videographer is a person who works in the field of videography and/or video production. News broadcasting relies heavily on live television where videographers engage in electronic news gathering (ENG) of local news stories.

What are the terms used in photography?

And now, on to the common photography terms and definitions all beginner photographers need to know:Aperture. This is the first common photography term you should learn. … Aspect Ratio. … Bokeh. … Burst Mode. … Depth of Field. … Digital Vs. … Exposure. … Exposure Compensation.More items…•

What are good names for a photography business?

Photography Business Name IdeasCherished Captures.Precious Moments.In A Flash.Flash Fiends.Single Flash Photography.Events Remembered Photography.Timeless Treasures.Forever Photos.More items…

What do you call a photographer and videographer?

The informal lensman (American-English, Oxford Dictionary): (A professional photographer or cameraman.) Otherwise there is no formal alternative; you’ll just have to combine: Photographer+Videographer. Compound a new word: photovideographer or photo-video-grapher or (photo/video)grapher.

What does Photoholic mean?

Noun. photoholic (plural photoholics) (informal) A keen photographer.

What do you call a person who loves to take selfies?

They are called a Selenophile. But in the case of photos its more simple. As shown above the term for someone who loves taking photos is: Photophile.

Who said photography is painting with light?

Miroslav TichýMiroslav Tichý (November 20, 1926 – April 12, 2011) was a photographer who from the 1960s until 1985 took thousands of surreptitious pictures of women in his hometown of Kyjov in the Czech Republic, using homemade cameras constructed of cardboard tubes, tin cans and other at-hand materials.

What do you call a hobby photographer?

To call yourself a photographer implies that you are a professional. If that’s not the case, then hobby photographer or amateur photographer describes your situat. A photographer, per definition, is someone who’s primary income comes from photography. The word amateur has a double meaning.

What is a photography lover called?

: a photography enthusiast. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about shutterbug.

What is Selenophile?

: a plant that when growing in a seleniferous soil tends to take up selenium in quantities greater than can be explained on a basis of chance.

Who is the first female photographer?

Early 19th-century pioneers Sarah Anne Bright (1793–1866) produces what is possibly the earliest surviving photographic image taken by a women. Constance Fox Talbot (1811–1880), wife of the inventor Henry Fox Talbot, experiments with the process of photography, possibly becoming the first woman to take a photograph.