Quick Answer: How Do I Spend A Day In Mahabalipuram?

Is Mahabalipuram worth visiting?

Review of Mahabalipuram.

The monuments of Mamallapuram are excellent specimen of Dravidian temple architecture and Pallava art.

Altough considered a tourist destination, it’s still not that well known so is fairly quiet..

Why is Mahabalipuram famous?

Mahabalipuram is one of the oldest cities in India. Present day, it is known for its great monuments, cave sanctuaries and sculptures. … Mahabalipuram is famous for its vast beach, monoliths, stone carvings and temples.

What is Mamallapuram famous for?

Mahabalipuram, also known as Mamallapuram, is a town in Chengalpattu district in the southeastern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, best known for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of 7th- and 8th-century Hindu Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram. It is one of the famous tourist sites in India.

Which God is in Mahabalipuram?

god ShivaThe complex consists of three separate shrines: two dedicated to the god Shiva, and one to Vishnu. The Vishnu shrine is the oldest and smallest of the three shrines, The other elements of the temple, including the gateways, walls, and superstructures were constructed out of quarried stone and mortar.

Is one day enough for Mahabalipuram?

A day would be enough to see all the monuments and also relax for a while. Avoid visiting places there in the afternoon as it can be pretty hot. You can drive in the morning such that you reach by lunch time, get into a nice sea view hotel for lunch, visit the monuments, spend sometime on the beach and head back.

What is the best time to visit Mahabalipuram?

The best time to visit Mahabalipuram is during the winters, from the months of November to February. During this time, days are pleasant while the nights are cool.

What should I wear in Mahabalipuram?

You must wear comfortable cotton clothing, best will be to cover your hands and legs, otherwise you might get a very good dose of tanning. As the sun here seems to be harsh. All the monuments of Mahabalipuram are located at walking distance of 2-5 minutes from each other.

Is Mahabalipuram safe?

The question is Whether both the places are suitable for a solo woman traveller and the answer is absolutely safe and need not have any concerns. By the way, you need not take a night halt at Mahabalipuram and can spend some time while returning to Chennai for Pondicherry. 2.

Is Ola available in Mahabalipuram?

At Ola, we’re always trying to simplify your travel options! In our endeavor to make traveling easier for you, we’re excited to announce the extension of our services to newer areas around Chennai, such as Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Ennore, Chengalpet, Oragadam, Kanchipuram, Sriperumbudur, Arakkonam and Thiruvallur.

What can I buy in Mahabalipuram?

Shore temple road is one such place to buy some good seashell items at a reasonable price. The street vendors also sell leather sandals, pashmina shawls, bronze statues around the popular tourist places. There are even silk saree emporiums, but you can find better deals in Chennai for the same clothing.

Is Mahabalipuram beach clean?

Unlike the commercialized and crowded beaches of Chennai, the pristine beaches in Mahabalipuram are immaculately clean and offer a peaceful and serene ambience. Besides the enchanting sunrise and sunset views, the golden shores are ideal for long romantic walks or just to sit and soak the sun.

How long does it take to see Mahabalipuram?

2 hoursNormally, you should budget 2 hours as time taken to visit mahabalipuram beach. Depending on your level of interest in the place and whether you wish to have a more detailed and thorough tour or not, the time taken can be less or more.