Quick Answer: Does Harvard Accept AICE Diploma?

What does the AICE diploma cover?

A: AICE not only prepares students to enter college with up to 30 hours of credit, it also provides them with the skills required to be successful once there.

In addition, students who earn the AICE Diploma will qualify for the Florida Academic Bright Futures Scholarship..

Can you retake an AICE exam?

Candidates are allowed to retake an AICE Examination one time after previously failing a test. … AICE examinations are offered twice during the course of the school year. The majority of our students will take AICE examinations in May/June.

Which is better AICE or IB?

The main difference between AICE and IB is the flexibility of the AICE Diploma. … Our students tell us that IB Higher Level courses are harder than their AP counterparts, while IB Standard Level classes are not quite as hard…and that AICE courses don’t seem quite as hard as AP or IB courses.

How do AICE credits work?

To earn an AICE Diploma, students must complete a minimum of seven credits at either/both the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level, where each course is worth one credit, and the Advanced (A) level, where each course is worth two credits.

Is AICE and AP the same?

AICE (Advanced International Certificate of Education) is a program from Cambridge University and AP (Advanced Placement) is a College Board program. AICE tests are multiple days and may occur beyond the school year. AP tests are usually one day and are finished by the end of school year.

Is AICE biology hard?

As the basis of anatomy and medicine, learning biology can prepare you for future ambitions or careers, or lend a better understanding of your body. All of these facets ensure that our busy year in AICE Biology will be difficult, but very rewarding.

What is AICE English general paper?

What is AICE English General Paper? AICE English General Paper is an English class that counts towards Florida graduation requirements and gives students an opportunity to earn a college elective credit at no cost to families.

What are AICE scores?

Cambridge AICE Diploma with Distinction: awarded to students with a score of 360 points or above. The maximum Diploma score is 420 points. Cambridge AICE Diploma with Merit: awarded to students with between 250 and 359 points. Cambridge AICE Diploma at Pass level: awarded to students with between 140 and 249 points.

Does FSU accept AICE credits?

Up to 45 semester hours of credit can be awarded by taking AICE, AP, IB, or CLEP tests and achieving appropriate scores. * To receive credit, official test scores must be sent directly to the Office of Admissions. … We will not post college credit from a high school transcript.

Does University of Miami accept AICE credits?

After being offered admission and enrolling, a student must submit any final college transcripts with grades, AP, IB, AICE or CLEP examination scores for review by the end of the first semester of enrollment.

Is the AICE diploma worth it?

The AICE Diploma, which is overseen by the University of Cambridge, demands that students fulfill a number of rigorous requirements. This program can earn students recognition, college credit, and scholarship money at certain schools, and it’s also an excellent way to further your education all around.

Is AICE better than AP?

Schools in the US are more likely to recognize AP or IBas more rigorous than AICE, but the AICE curriculum is still typically considered more rigorous than Honors or Dual Enrollment courses.

Do Ivy League schools accept AICE credits?

How many colleges in Florida and across the US accept AICE college credit? … 100% of Ivy League universities and over 450 private and out-of-state universities in the U.S. recognize & accept AS and A Level exam credits with more being added each year.

Does Harvard prefer IB or AP?

Some universities like Harvard and Yale don’t offer one-to-one credit at all. Instead, high scores on HL IB exams place you into higher-level courses or, at Harvard, the Advanced Standing Program.

Is Cambridge better than IB?

Which is better: International Baccalaureate or the Cambridge Program? … IB has a strong focus on all-around development and weaves in volunteer work and trips as part of the curriculum. One notable difference is that the Cambridge curriculum offers the IGCSE, the qualifying exam for 10th grade students.

Does UCLA accept 3 on AP test?

Credit from Advanced Placement (AP) Exams UCLA awards college credit for AP exams with scores of three or higher.

What is the AICE program?

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Program is one of sixteen Florida School Choice Options available to students in grades K-12. The AICE program is considered an international curriculum and examination program that’s modeled on the British pre-college curriculum and ‘A-Level’ exams.