How Do You Get To Wordscapes Tournament?

What are helps in Wordscapes?

Wordscape allows players to use hints by uncovering hidden letters which aids with identifying words.

A player can request help in chat every 4 hours with teammates supporting by collectively providing 5 helps to facilitate each hint.


How do I spend coins in Wordscapes?

AppGamer Answered: You can spend them during the game if you get stuck and can’t complete a Wordscape. Say for example you just can’t figure out a word in the puzzle, you can spend coins at that point for some help. Tap the lightbulb icon if you need assistance.

How do you join a team in Wordscapes?

From the main screen tap on the middle icon at the bottom with the 3 people symbol. This takes you to the team menu. You can join one of the teams listed or use the Create tab to make your own. Or the Search tab to find a team by name.

What is the butterfly in Wordscapes?

Answers. Guest Answered: The butterfly in a word box is only in the daily puzzles I believe… you’re supposed to try to get those words first. The more often you get the words the butterfly wants you to get, the more stars you’ll get to go towards those picture box things at the end = coins.

What level does Wordscapes go to?

There are anywhere from 3 to 7 letters in the circle, depending on what level you are on. There are also bonus words, which the player can solve for extra coins . The game currently contains 10000 levels, and 14000 extra master levels, once you have completed the first 10000.

Does Wordscapes get harder?

Levels and Daily Challenges of Wordscapes Wordscapes is one of the most trending word games currently. This game has recently introduced Master levels. These levels range from 6001 to 8000. It is most likely that these levels are getting harder and harder.

What is the point of coins in Wordscapes?

What are Wordscapes coins? After each level, you have the opportunity to earn coins through playing bonus words, filling in the extra word (not all levels have this), leveling up, or collecting stars on Wordscapes daily puzzles. The purpose of collecting coins is to use them to help you.

What time does Wordscapes tourney start?

Wordscapes Wednesday Tournament Access the Wednesday tournament via the game’s home screen, just like a regular Star Tournament. The Wordscapes midweek tournament starts Wednesday morning and runs until about 10 p.m. PT (1 a.m. ET). Note that the exact start and end times may vary.

Is Wordscapes good for brain?

And they can help players improve coordination and visual skills. Playing games such as puzzle games, word search, crosswords, mix and matching, scrabble, etc. … Wordscapes is a brain challenging fun game which is made with the combination of word search and crosswords.

What does the light bulb do in Wordscapes?

There is a light bulb, which if you click on it, will give you a hint that will help you complete one of the words that are on the tiles. There is also a bullseye, which is where you can get a free letter and place it anywhere on the board. This way, you can make a complete word by using your wits and deduction.

What does the piggy bank do in Wordscapes?

The piggy bank is something that developers are trying these days to tempt you into buying coins. The bank collects coins and you have to pay to open it and collect them.

How do I get high brilliance in Wordscapes?

Wordscapes Brilliance is a way to track your progress in the game. The more words you play and the more levels you beat, the more Wordscapes Brilliance you’ll earn. That puts a big shiny sun on your starting screen, and every completed level increases the number displayed thereupon.

Can you cheat at Wordscapes?

Outside of the 3700 levels, Wordscapes daily puzzles are the only ones we cannot provide answers for — besides the ultimate word-grabber Wordscapes Cheat of course. The daily puzzles are randomly generated by the developers, PeopleFun, and cannot be easily predicted in advance of their arrival.

How do you crack open the piggy bank in Wordscapes?

To crack the piggy bank open, tap the piggy bank. You’ll see it say “MAXED Out! Your piggy bank is full! Crack it open!”