Can You Find Phoibe In Elysium?

How do I convince brasidas to go to Elysium?

To be able to convince Brasidas to go to Elysium players need to have chosen “You fought with honor.” when the two face Brasidas’ doppelganger in Kill Me Once, Shame on You..

Can you find brasidas in Elysium?

If you choose the first or third option, Brasidas will decide to stay in the Underworld even if you tell him in the next choice that he deserves to go to Elysium. At some point Hades will show up and you will have to decide what happens to Brasidas. It is up to this choice which god, Hades or Poseidon wins the bet.

Which God is more dangerous assassin’s creed?

You have to choose which of the gods is more dangerous. If you think that it is Apollo then you will get the quest Test of Faith, and when you decide that it is Poseidon then you will get the quest Test of Character.

Does Phoebe have a baby?

In season five of the hit show, Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) served as surrogate for her little brother Frank Jr. … On the show, Phoebe gave birth to two girls and a boy: Leslie, Chandler, and Frank Jr. Jr.

What happens if you kill Persephone?

You can’t kill Persephone, she is an immortal Goddess. If you try – she’ll kill you in a snap (and put you in Tartarus which is the most unpleasant place in Hades’ realm) . Even other Gods can’t kill her, or any other God or Goddess.

Should they drink the wine AC Odyssey?

Don’t drink the wine! In all cases, the guards will come and attack you.

Where can I find Phoibe?

Objective: Find Phoibe and return with her to Aspasia Anastasios’s house can be found in the southeast corner of Athens, near the Odeon of Perikles and the Cultist, Nyx the Shadow.

Should I kill Elpenor in Hades?

For this quest, if you choose to ignore Elpenor’s plan the Monger will escape and you’ll have to track him down. … If you forgive Elpenor, Poseidon wins the bet, if you don’t, Hades wins.

Can you prevent the plague in Athens?

Later, you are given a quest to warn about The Plague of Athens. The plauge is historical, so it can’t be prevented.

How do you knock out Theron?

By way of stealth After getting behind an enemy quietly, you can press L3 to initiate a knockout instead of a stealth kill. Note that you need to be able to do it in one go, and even at a high level the Atlantis DLC enemies might shrug it off, making it the least likely scenario.

Does it matter if you choose Alexios or Kassandra?

From a gameplay point of view, there are no differences between Alexios and Kassandra. They have the same skills, the same DPS potential, the same run speed, everything. So don’t feel as if you’re going to be penalised for choosing one over the other.

Does Phoebe have to die?

Sadly, no. Phoebe’s death serves a purpose to the story to make Kassandra (or Alexios) more driven into hunting down the Cult of Kosmos and destroying the organization. … It is to give you a drive to defeat the cult of Kosmos and bring vengeance to those who have desecrated the family of the Misthios.

Can you kill Myrrine?

Deimos and Myrrine: You decided not to fight Deimos but you weren’t able to make him leave the cult (“Where it all Began” Quest) -> Deimos kills Myrrine and you have to eliminate him.

Who is the ghost of Kosmos?

AspasiaThe Ghost of Kosmos is Aspasia and the players will have an interaction with her when they have hunted all where they will either get a choice to kill her and end the reign of the cult or join her and reform the cult.

Can Phoibe be saved?

There actually are simple Originally Answered: Is there any way to save Pheobe in Assassin’s creed Odyssey? Sadly, no. Phoebe’s death serves a purpose to the story to make Kassandra (or Alexios) more driven into hunting down the Cult of Kosmos and destroying the organization.

Do you ever see Phoibe again?

After being freed by Kassandra, she notified by the misthios of a mercenary named Talos the Stone-Fist, hired by the Cyclops to eliminate her. … In the end, they did agree to see each other again, and Phoibe gave Kassandra her wooden pet eagle, Chara, as a companion.

Does Persephone bring back Phoebe?

In the Fate of Atlantis DLC Quest “A Life for a Life”, Persephone offers to bring back Nikolaius (If you killed him), Phoebe, or Brasidas, in exchange for killing Leonidas. I chose not to kill Leonidas, so no one was revived, but I think she does bring whoever you goose back.

What happens if Poseidon wins the bet?

What would happen if the Poseidon wins the bet in Torment of Hades? … If you let drink her the water where she forget all, Poseidon wins if not Hades. The Brasidas Quest. When you send Brasidas to Elysium Poseidon wins if you let him stay Hades.