The Continuing Rise of Australian Dollars And How You Benefit From It

The 2010-2011 financial year saw a dramatic rise in the value of Australian dollars. The AUD has become competitive against the US dollar and euro, and it only seems to be gaining in value.

Since the early 1990ís, the AUD has been growing steadily, and this is the highest it's been since 1983 when the Australian government ended exchange controls.

Experts predict the currency will continue to strengthen, having surpassed the US dollar value in 2011.

Why Are Australian Dollars On The Rise?

Australian dollars are growing for several reasons. This growth reflects global economic trends as well as the activity in Australia's domestic economy. Australia's economy is closely linked to the other economies of Asia, especially China.

As the Asian economy continues to grow, this trend is reflected in the value of Australian dollars. Much of this has to do with China.

Chinese Economy
As the Chinese economy expands, it boosts the value of Australian dollars. Part of the reason for this is that China and Australia are close trading partners. China depends on Australia for much of its raw material needs, including wool, iron ore and resources it requires for its large mining industry. The growth of the Chinese consumer sector and the number of Chinese students who choose to study in Australia are also factors.

Domestically, Australia's low market volatility is a major factor in its economic growth. It is a safe, economically healthy country which has grown steadily for 20 years. This slow, steady growth is a safer investment for foreign investors, and it's largely the country's stability that has kept Australian dollars on the rise.

The Benefits Of The High Australian Dollar

When Australian dollars appreciate in value against other currencies, there are multiple benefits for individual Australians, Australian businesses, and people investing in the Australian dollar.

For everyday people, a soaring Australian Dollar means more buying power overseas. This makes overseas travel a much cheaper option, and makes the purchasing of goods from other countries more affordable

Australian Dollars
It's also wonderful for Australian companies. They can save money on exports and labor when outsourcing overseas. It's also a great opportunity for them to open branch offices in North America or Europe. When services or goods are traded in US dollars, this also benefits Australian companies who now have more buying power.

Will Australian dollars continue to rise? The economy moves in often unpredictable ways, but it is predicted that as long as the country's economy grows steadily and the Asian region continues to expand, we'll see the AUD go from strength to strength. It's a great chance for Australians and currency investors alike to reap the benefits.

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