Australian Dollars on the Rise - and what it means for You

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Over the last several months, Australian dollars have been on a surge against the euro and US dollar, and they only appear to be increasing in value.

Australian dollars are the highest theyíve been since exchange controls were ended in 1983. Economists are predicting that the currency will continue to rise and may even overtake the US dollar as soon as early 2011.

Reasons For The Rise

There are a couple of key reasons why Australian dollars have seen this sudden surge. Because of itís close ties to neighbouring Asian economies, the Australian economy benefits from their growth.

As Asian economies expand, we can expect to see a continued increase in the value of the AUD.

This is especially true of the Chinese economy, which is growing in leaps and bounds - particularly its consumer sector, with China's burgeoning middle-class expected to soon outnumber the entire population of the US.

China buys much of its raw materials from Australia. These include ore, wool and materials needed for its mining industry.

Australia is a great economy for foreign investors because of its low market volatility. Its economy has grown steadily for almost 20 years and it is considered one of the top developed countries in terms of slow and steady growth. In the Asia-Pacific region, Australia is first for labor conditions, agricultural production, industry and standard of living.

What All Of This Growth Means For You

Although a currency that rises quickly to become very valuable can have some negative consequences, the steady rise of Australian dollars presents a good deal for most. It means that Australians have more buying power, and there are several advantages to this. First of all, it makes overseas travel cheaper. Over the period that the AUD has been soaring, there has been a huge increase in the number of Australians traveling abroad. Plane ticket costs, hotels and all other travel expenses are now lower than before.

Australian Dollars
Businesses also benefit in many ways. Australian businesses save money on imports from overseas, such as the raw materials they require. They can also save on labor costs when outsourcing overseas. Australian companies can also reap the benefits in any industry that trades in US dollars.

What will the Australian economy do in the coming months? Itís often hard to say, but the trend of slow and steady growth in Australia indicates that Australian dollars will continue to rise against other currencies. The continued expansion of the Chinese economy will also keep this trend going. Now is a great time to take advantage of it.

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