All Australian Coins show a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on one side, with each having a different image on the reverse.
Below are images of each coin (not shown to scale) in order of value:

Australian five cent coin Australian ten cent coin Australian ten cent coin
Australian fifty cent coin Australian dollar coin Australian two dollar coin

Australia was the first country in the world to have a complete system of bank notes made from plastic polymer. These notes provide greater security against counterfeiting, and last four times as long as conventional paper notes.

Australian Five Dollar Note. Front: Queen Elizabeth II. Back: Parliament House and Old Parliament House

Australian Ten Dollar Note. Front: Banjo Patterson. Back: Dame Mary Gilmore

Australian Twenty Dollar Note. Front: Mary Reibey. Back: Reverend John Flynn

Australian Fifty Dollar Note. Front: David Unaipon. Back: Edith Cowan

Australian Hundred Dollar Note. Front: Dame Nellie Melba. Back: General Sir John Monash

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